Finding Our Offices

The best maps and driving directions don’t always give you enough information to actually find an office. So here are details on how to find us after you get into the general vicinity.

Nestled in the hills, about a 30 minute drive, from Oakland, CA. is Buchanan Field in Concord, CA. Once the 16th busiest airport in the country, we are a mere 12 minutes flight time to the Paris of the West.

Our Bay Area flights leave from Buchanan Field Airport one mile west of Concord. The airport’s street address is 550 Sally Ride Drive, Concord.

Coordinates: 37°59′23″N 122°03′25″W

Our location at the Hayward Executive Airport (19990 Skywest Drive) is one block west of Hesperian off of West A St. It’s a little tricky because when they built the new shopping center a few years ago, they re-routed Skywest and West A St. Here are details to find us:

  1. Exit I-880 at A St. and go west (toward the Bay).
  2. At the big intersection at Hesperian, you’ll see the new shopping center and Target on the right across the street. There are a lot of options at this traffic light — two lanes turn left onto Hesperian, one lane turns right, and the two middle lanes go straight across Hesperian. Get in the leftmost of these two middle lanes and cross Hesperian (still on West A St).
  3. At the next light, where the entrance to Target is on your right, make a left turn onto Skywest. As you sit waiting for the left-turn signal to change, you’ll see an App Jet Center sign on the big hangar ahead. You’re going to the terminal building behind the hangar.
  4. After turning left at the light, immediately turn right. The street sign says “W A St.” but that’s a complete misnomer; it’s really just an extension of the driveway. Then turn left into the parking lot and pass the first bank of parking spaces toward the main building.
  5. Park and come inside the double glass doors farthest from the aircraft ramp. We’re in Suite 1119.

See our Hayward location on Google Maps.

Our maintenance facility in Woodland is due north of Vacaville and due west of Sacramento International Airport. To drive there from the Bay Area, take I-580W/I-80E toward Sacramento. After passing the Vacaville Airport, take Exit 56 for I-505N/Orange Drive towards Winters/Redding/Nut Tree Road. Drive about 20 miles and exit onto CA-16E (CHP Officer Andrew Stevens Memorial Highway) towards Woodland. In about 5 miles, turn left onto County Road 94B. The driveway will be on your left.