Air Commute

It seems like the Bay Area has everything we want: great weather, the best professional opportunities anywhere, beautiful scenery, wonderful places to live. But when your dream home is in Auburn and the office for your dream job is in San Jose, it may be time for commuting to take on a whole new dimension — up in the air.

Whether yours is a daily commute, a weekly commute, or like one of our regulars, a monthly must-attend-in-person day-long meeting, we can get you there.

Commuting by helicopter will add hours back into your day. You’ll enjoy the extra hour of sleep in the morning, parking near one of our helicopters, making the final notes on your presentation or reading the Journal during the flight, and arriving without the stress of two hours of rush hour traffic. Even better at the end of the day as you’ll make it home in time for dinner and a visit with your family.

We pick up at any Bay Area airport for a 2-hour round-trip service area (up to 120 nautical miles each way).