Site- and Geo-Survey

Your client likes the property but just can’t quite grasp how grand it is.
You have the survey maps, but they just don’t tell the whole story.
Your investors are coming in to see progress on the new construction.

No matter how much you can diagram on a whiteboard, see from the ground, or explain in tables and graphs, sometimes there is no better way to understand a project than to see it from above.

    We work with Bay Area professionals in real estate, construction, engineering, and design. Whether you need to fly a client over a site, have a property photographed from the air, or, like one of our clients, hover over marshlands in the Bay to survey the effects of the invasive spartina grass, we have the expertise:

  • Documentation for large construction projects
  • Land and project surveys
  • Research, scientific mapping, and surveys
  • Real estate documentation and marketing

From our locations in San Jose and Hayward, we cover the entire Bay Area and can arrange pickups at any Bay Area airport. We fly three types of aircraft in order to accommodate from 1 to 5 passengers in your party, and operate across a 2-hour round-trip service area (up to 240 nautical miles). And if you need an aerial photographer for your project, we can recommend several whom we work with on a regular basis.

Thanks to Bernard André, award-winning photographer and long-time GGH client, for this stunning aerial photograph of salt fields in the San Francisco Bay.