Camera Mounting Guidelines

Mounting your equipment

External mounts may be used in the Bell if installed under the supervision of GGH’s Director of Maintenance, and if supplied with an STC for the specific aircraft to be used. If you want to use an external mount, you should notify GGH as far in advance as possible. There is an additional fee for installing and removing the external mount, and all work must be done by or under the supervision of GGH maintenance personnel.

Generally external mounts are not used with the R44 because of weight and balance restrictions. Tom Miller (see contact information below) has several innovative interior camera mount options for R44 that GGH recommends, and also can provide an R44 gimbal frame for loads of up to 65 pounds as a side-mount. Tom also has handheld gyro-stabilized mounts (micro gyro mounts) and a Cineflex mount for the R44.

If you want to supply your own stabilizing equipment for use inside the Bell or the R44, GGH is happy to consider it, but it must be done under the supervision of the Director of Maintenance, and there is an additional fee. Our rules for internal mounting of your equipment are:

  • Equipment may be mounted only in the back seat of the R44.
  • No holes, scratches, tears or other damage to the aircraft. Repair for damage due to customer-mounted equipment will be charged to the customer.
  • No user-supplied equipment may protrude outside the aircraft at any time.
  • All equipment must be firmly secured before departure.
  • All installations must be inspected and approved by the Director of Maintenance and the pilot before flight.

Neither internal nor external equipment mounting is available in the R22, due to the dimensions and weight limitations the aircraft.

More resources

Contact Tom Miller at Blue Sky Aerials (415-726-6644) for rental/purchase information on Tyler mounts, Ken-Labs gyrostabilizers, Cineflex, Mako, and Aerial Exposures.