Helicopter Rental Information

A licensed helicopter pilot who has received or is currently working on a rating at GGH, or a student pilot working on a PPL Rotorcraft, may rent a GGH helicopter. Golden Gate Helicopters rents late-model Robinson R22 Betas and R44s (Clippers and Raven IIs).

As a renter, you must abide by the GGH Operating Procedures, Rules and Regulations; you must stay current by flying at least once every 30 days; and you must complete a recurrency check every 6 months. The 6-month check will last a minimum of 3 hours — 1.5 hours of ground instruction and 1.5 hours of flight time — if you are current and proficient. If you’re a little rusty on your skills, your instructor may recommend more flight time before signing you off for solo flight. We also require that all licensed pilots attend the RHC Safety Course.

To speed up your initial checkout, read the following:

Yes, there will be a test.

The checkout (either initial or recurrent) may serve as a biennial flight review (BFR) if you arrange that with your instructor before the checkout begins.

Limitations and restrictions

GGH does not rent its helicopters for commercial purposes, that is, you cannot use our helicopters for hire. Note that you must have a minimum of 100 hours (and at least 10 hours post checkride) in R22s and 50 hours (10 hours post checkride) in R44s before you can carry passengers in our helicopters. For more details on limitations on and conditions of your rental, see the Golden Gate Helicopters Operating Rules, Regulations, and Procedures and the GGH Renter’s Agreement.

Helicopter rental rates

Contact us for our current rental rates. All rentals are wet (includes fuel and oil). GGH currently imposes a fuel surcharge that is adjusted monthly. Credit for fuel receipts will be applied to your bill.

GGH offers a discounted rental rate for both the R22 and R44 that is available to clients who buy flight time in $1500 blocks. The fuel surcharge is not discounted.

GGH accepts cash, check, and credit cards. You may pay with check in advance or leave a credit card on file if you are flying after hours.