San Francisco Bay Area Special Events

San Francisco Bay Area Special Events

The Bay Area is host to a year-round offering of special activities and events. No matter what your interest, there’s always something special taking place. Whether your plans are to attend the event, or just take in the sights from the air, we can fly you there. Just check out these calendars for dates of some of the Bay Area’s best known events:

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Bay Area special events

Photographing special events

If you prefer to see the action from the air, we have years of experience in aerial photography and count some of the best local aerial photographers among our regular clients. We can accommodate photo shoots for special events when arrangements with the event managers and, in some cases, with the FAA, have been made in advance. Call us as early as possible to discuss your plans. We make every effort to fulfill special requests!

Planning your excursion

For some events we are able to land on-site, if arrangements have been made in advance. For most events, however, we provide transport to the nearest airport including Napa, Sonoma, Half Moon Bay, and the Monterey Bay area. From there, a car will pick you up for a short ride to the event venue. Please note that some airports (San Francisco International and Oakland International) have additional fees that may increase the cost of your transportation.

Our complete range of concierge services help to make your day perfect ― lunch reservations, tee times, tickets for ticketed events, and more. And at the end of the day, just give your driver a call, and we’ll meet you at the airport for the quick flight back to the San Francisco Bay Area.